Hello Boss Bulls 🐂

Let us share some updates!

As community driven Project, we always care proposals from community and do actions based on feedbacks.

We made a dedicated budget for game development, marketing, partnerships and new tokeneconomics from Mint Sales.

There was already planned tokeneconomics for our Mafia-themed NFT Game, as you can see on our website. Since $BBULS was designed as a Game Token, Supply was Unlimitted at first plan.

We would like to inform you that we have started to work on New Tokeneconomics based on Community Request, as a Community Driven project. We are getting Professional support for $BBULS token and also for Game Rewards system which is related to Tokeneconomics. We are working to make $BBULS Limitted Supply and a sustainable system for Game players. Also, we are in contact with few known DEX!

BOSS BULLS NFT collection is not getting any Royalty from Market Sales currently. We have a strategy to implement Royalities on upcoming FEMALE BULLS collection to make a supply for $BBULS tokeneconomics and to increase Game Rewards. Moreover, additonal budget will be made for future developments, marketing and $BBULS Pool from Female Bulls Mint Sale.

For Boss Bulls Owners, we are also working on an Airdrop Strategy for upcoming Female Bulls and $BBULS. Our strategy is make Boss Bulls Owners as much as Rewarded. A formula is being designed based on Number and Rarity of NFTs that you hold!

@Raging Bison already started draft hand-drawings for Female Bulls concept and making us Excited! We will share more updates soon!

Meanwhile, @bullsHead has been working on UX and airdrop screens on our website for a while. You will be able to Join Giveaways and Airdrops on our improved screens.

We have already started Marketing activities and announced some of Collaborations. Also, as a New Role 👹︱mafiosos channel was set to have Community Driven marketing. Boss Bulls will be visible more on Social Media with upcoming planned activities and further collaborations!

We will update also ❓︱question-answer Channel with a New Format that everyone can reach the most asked Questions and Answers!

As a Sold Out Project in 3 mins, we will continue to do our best to improve Project.

We target to share further info about New Tokeneconomics and Game Rewards by end of January.

Stay Tuned!

Many thanks!




BOSSBULLS is an NFT-based collectible game, where everyone can explore and fight together in the Bullsland universe.

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BOSSBULLS is an NFT-based collectible game, where everyone can explore and fight together in the Bullsland universe.

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